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by Sharon Dallman

WHO: Sharon (Shane) Dallman

WHERE: White City, Oregon, US

MEDIUM/TECHNIQUE: Mixed textiles, paint, ink and sometimes tree bark!

FOR SALE: Yes, please contact Sharon directly, or visit her Etsy Shop

FINISHING: Bound or stitched edges

LINKS: Contact; Etsy

I'm one of four daughters born to artistically talented parents. My main focus in art has always been in the textile industry. As a first grader my stick drawings always wore clothes with some sort of design on them. I learned to sew from my maternal grandmother and mother and have spent my entire life creating with fabric and thread.


I specialize in hand and machine stitching but I also knit, crochet and use machine felting in many of my art and sewing projects. I often use colored pencils and permanent ink pens to sketch on fabric and then use my sewing machine to add detail and interest. Many of my pieces come to me during sleep or upon awakening and are usually of a serendipitous nature.


submitted by Sharon Dallman

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