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Made on Monday 



Join the community that makes Mondays Marvellous …

Whether you are a painter, collage artist, printer, sewer, professional, amateur, or wannabe … if you are an artist working in any 2-dimensional medium, join like-minded creative types from Australia, Britain, Canada, America and beyond to become a Made On Monday contributor.


All you have to do is produce one 5” x 5” piece of work every week for a year. Sounds daunting? Well, it’s broken down in to little steps … once you’ve submitted your first dozen pieces, I publish your very own webpage on the Made On Monday website and promote your work on Words & Stitches Facebook page … and it costs you absolutely nothing!

Several contributors have already surpassed their 52-piece goal and obtained Club 52 status. I, for one, can’t seem to stop and am now well past 100. What began as a self-inflicted retirement project in 2015 blossomed into a community of fabulous folk just having fun with their imaginations and creativity.

The wonderful thing about working in such a small format is that it provides the perfect opportunity to experiment with materials and techniques that can be used in future projects. It’s a good habit to cultivate and a great way to kick off your creative week.


Made on Monday is a work in progress … please enjoy the work showcased on this site so far and plan to come back often as new work and new artists will be added continually. Small art, big project!


If you would like more information about ‘Made on Monday’, or you are an artist—or know one—who might like to participate … please get in touch with me. You can also download the information sheet with all the submission details here.


CLUB 52! Open to all members who have fulfilled the original one-piece-per-week for a year challenge!


The Club 52 Members' Salon

Here's a place to see what our contributing Club 52 artists do when not limited by the constraints of the original Made On Monday challenge.

PLEASE NOTE: All images featured on this site remain the property of the artist who submitted them. No reproduction or re-use of these images in print, digital or any other formats is permitted without the express consent of the artist. Please contact the artist directly.

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