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by Joanne Misener

WHO: Joanne Misener

WHERE: Stoney Lake, North Kawartha, Ontario, Canada



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Like so many of us, I started quilting 25 years ago as a young mom and haven’t stopped since. I have taught for quilt shops, quilt guilds, local college/high school, seniors groups, private groups and anything else that catches my fancy. I love to teach and share my passion for fabric, colour and design. I have been dyeing my own fabric for years and have recently moved to a variety of printing techniques. I am now trying to find my creative niche, while becoming my mom’s caregiver. The MoM challenge has led me to try a variety of techniques, tools, threads, while working small. Small has been harder that I thought it would be. Blog and Facebook page are in the works.

submitted by Joanne Misener

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