MADE ON MONDAY ARTISTS: please note, if you click on an artist here and it does not link you to their artist page it is because their page has been temporarily deactivated. You can,  however, still contact these artists through the 'contact' page.

Kate Bridger
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LeAnn Oman
Susan McIntyre
Sue Kelly
Deborah Hunter-Davis
Fran Harkes
Joanne Misener
India Tresselt
Emma Siedle-Collins
Dianne Whyte
Sue Evans
Sue Appleton
Lainey Benson
Vicki Miller
Sharon Dallman
Tricia Brooks
Anna Gillard
Jenny Baillie
Norma Waters
Lyn Pecchiar
Cora Petralito
Paula Hickman
Sonja Verlinden
Penelope Smith
Julia Carter
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