The Tuesday Tales

In October, 2015, newly retired, I decided to set myself a creative challenge. My idea was to stitch one 5” x 5” piece of Fabric Art every Monday for a year. Along the way, many other artists from around the globe joined in and you can see our full collections at the Made On Monday website.

In October, 2016, I fulfilled my initial quota of 52 but, having enjoyed the process so much, I am now working towards a new goal of 100 pieces.

Every once in a while, there is a picture that, once complete, begs to tell a story. The first such piece was Made On Monday #56 and from it came the tragic tale of Frederic and Hannah.

I hope that over the coming year, more of my Made On Monday pieces will trigger a ‘Tuesday Tale’ thereby adding another dimension to my self-imposed challenge and bringing my ‘Words & Stitches’ together.

Made On Monday #79
The Dating Profile
Made On Monday #89
How That Cat Got Its Name
Made On Monday #115
The Reading Nook
Made On Monday #101
The Chord Whisperer
Made On Monday #67
The Passenger
Made On Monday #54
Raindrops In The Abbey
Made On Monday #65
Molly Greene & The High Rangers
Made On Monday #62
The Edge Of The Highway
Made On Monday #51
Write What You Know
Made On Monday #20
Driver's Ed
Made On Monday #56
Frederic & Hannah
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