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Reviews & Conversations

What people are saying about Dear Teddy:


"Beautifully written with such insight and tenderness ... about the never forgotten impact of first love. (Kate) has captured the range of human emotions, hopes and dreams ... in the life of Gillian."

Anne Gumley, Author


"I finished Dear Teddy and loved it! ... it's a wonderful book. Great job, Kate!"

T. L., Nelson BC


"I LOVED the book!"

R. R., FF, Ontario


"Thank you for the excellent read! 
I read the first half without stopping; you had clearly caught my interest early on ...
As I read on, your characters surprised me throughout the second half of the tale ... you buried several unexpected turns in your characters' choices that delighted me with surprise. 
... From the lovely descriptions of England and then Canada, to the story that made your characters live even as a lifetime passes for them, all of Dear Teddy makes for an excellent read."

S. W., British Columbia



What people are saying about Talking To Myself:


"Just finished reading it; great story idea and loved the twist (not to give anything away here)!"

Shelagh Meagher, Author, Friend and Practical Woman's Guide


"... I enjoyed your writing and was entertained by your story, but I especially appreciate the catalyst that the ending of your book has given me to look deeper, to think wider, and to feel beyond the entertainment you offered. Your novel is most definitely food for thought ... A good read on so many levels."

S.W., Nelson BC


"Have just downloaded Kate Bridger's book Talking To Myself and love it . Great story, so funny and relevant and touching, can't put it down. More Kate, More !. It's so inexpensive it's silly."

Sue Parr, Artist


Dateline: November 5, 2014 

Read about 'Author Celebrates Female Friendship With First Novel', a delightful conversation with Nelson Star reporter, Will Johnson about my book Talking To Myself.

A few of the things people had to say about Nest Building:

"Whether you are embarking on your first foray into decorating, or you long to escape from past follies and indecision, Nest Building will surely set you on your own road to success.
This is a girl after my own heart."

Debbie Travis & Barbara Dingle, 'House to Home', Fall, 2011


"Kate Bridger's book NEST BUILDING is a great purchase for anyone who is interested in making their house into a home.  The best design and decoration comes from the heart well before the wallet. Kate understands what it takes to make a home that is not only beautiful but also a comfortable expression of your unique journey through life.
This book echoes many of my own thoughts and reflections after years of looking inside the most beautiful homes across Canada. Anyone can have a beautiful home and reading this book will tell you how.
Congratulations Kate!"

Cobi Ladner


"This book is well written, readable and entertaining.

Whether you are building a new house, moving or renovating I would recommend that you read this book first.

I have recently moved after 30 years in the same house and I found the information useful the relevant. Kate uses an abundance of humour and wisdom as she walks you through the steps and exercises in each chapter. You will analyze your needs, preferences and feelings in order to create a unique and personal space that will satisfy you and your family.

Her approach is refreshingly simple and reassuring. You don’t need someone else to tell you what to do or how you SHOULD do things. All you need is help in analyzing your own likes, dislikes and needs in order to design and build your perfect ‘nest'. Have fun doing it!"

Veronica Pellerine, Homeowner

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