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The Dating Profile

Matilda sat opposite her companion. She was grateful for the glass of wine in her hand, not only for what it contained, but because it gave her something familiar to hold on to. She stared at his bewildered expression and attempted to lift the corners of her mouth as Kate had suggested.

“It’ll make you seem less formidable,” she’d said.

But, despite the gesture, he was not forthcoming.

 “I don’t see the likelihood of either of us willingly engaging in conversation here today, do you?” she asked.

He responded by looking down and picking at a small tear in the weave of his tweed jacket.

After she’d seen him out, Matilda carefully placed a mirror on the seat he had so recently vacated. She returned to her own chair, sat down and held her own gaze. She even attempted the smile thing once more.

“Aaaah,” she sighed, as if suddenly enlightened. She rose, took one last studied look before leaving herself alone.


Revised dating profile:

Single, mature, amusing female (those were Kate’s words, not Matilda’s).

Matilda likes wordless conversations, strolling in the rain, sipping coffee in a field, water colour painting by the shore and daydreaming.

Matilda does not like unnecessary company, loose threads, social effort, eating in public and denim.

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