Sit On Your Art!


Textile designers have long been part of the art-meets-function industry. Many renowned artists produce limited edition fabrics used to make blinds, upholstery and bedding.

Furniture and cabinetmakers producing one-of-a-kind hand crafted cabinetry, chairs and tables may also be considered artists. It is the attention to detail in the embellishment, the uncompromised selection of materials and the care in execution that confirm the presence of artistic vision and intention.

Turning one’s living room into a sculpture garden of functional, but unique, furnishings can be costly which is why most of us go to regular furniture shops. However, even smaller treasures can straddle that line between art and practicality. For example: a beautiful vase that actually holds water, or a pottery platter that is food-friendly, is an affordable and accessible expression of art meeting utility.

Art is still great on walls, but why stop there? Surround yourself with pieces you can sit on, eat off, walk on, or wrap yourself up in.

Excerpt from Nest Building: A Guide To Finding Your Inner Interior Designer, by Kate Bridger, Redfern House Publishing, 2011:


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