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Create A Place Where Your Spirit Can Put Its Feet Up

What we once referred to as ‘decorating’ has, since the dawn of the 21st Century, evolved into a vast lexicon of terms. We talk about ‘downsizing’, ‘upsizing(?)’, ‘updating’, ‘renovating’, ‘repurposing’, ‘decluttering’ … and a whole slew of other terms intended to coerce us into emptying our wallets at the nearest home décor store.

Often there’s a smidgeon of guilt applied as well. If you don’t ‘downsize’, you’ll be responsible for global warming; if you don’t update your appliances and/or furnishings, people won’t like you; and, worst of all, if you hang on to your prized collections and treasures you will be labelled a ‘hoarder’!

So, what are you supposed to do to cut through the marketing pressures, the fad-mongerers and those ubiquitous trend-setting Joneses?


Well, you start by having a good chat with yourself to determine what is intrinsically important and meaningful to you. If granite countertops don’t turn your crank, be thankful and move on. If minimally populated shelves and desolate surfaces leave you cold, warm them up. If beige makes you suicidal, throw a can of colour at the walls. In other words, discover what you love, admit it and execute! Create your space and your place and, never ever apologise for it!

A content spirit is immutable and when you’re snuggled up in your favourite corner or the universe, those who know and love you will pick up on your ease, warmth and sense of belonging regardless of their own tastes and proclivities.

Fabric illustration by author, 'Watching Mary-Jo Soar'.

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