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Christmas Morning

I hope my Christmas story from last week helped get the little 'uns off to bed and asleep. Here's an excerpt from my book, Talking To Myself. It's Cait describing Christmas morning waking up alone and imagining the frenzy in her neighbours' homes. Perhaps yours is one of them?


"I imagine children everywhere have been up tearing at Christmas wrapping and digging into stockings since the early hours of the morning while drowsy parents sit propped up in their beds nursing hangovers from the previous night and watching the mayhem unfold. Someone’s in the kitchen making breakfast that no one—particularly the kids—will eat; since dawn they’ve been quietly stuffing themselves with the candies and tangerines found in the toes of their stockings. Soon the youngsters will be tossed outside to play with their new sleds and skis while mothers all over the land tether themselves to sinks and stoves for the next few hours. Grandparents will take naps. Kids will have meltdowns. Dads will sip illicit Scotches and sink further into their La-Z-Boy chairs. And, before or during dinner, someone is bound to say something to offend someone else. I'll bet there are parents who'd pay a good price to be in my place for an hour or two. Next year perhaps I should rent out my apartment on an hourly basis as a sanctuary for overwrought parents!"

(... more from Talking To Myself at kbbooks)


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