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Santa's Littlest Helpers

by Kate 'n Mike Bridger, 1996

On Christmas Eve, 1996, Mike, like most children, was having difficulty falling to sleep. He was far too excited about Santa's anticipated delivery and opening presents on Christmas morning. So, I sat on the edge of his bed and made up a Christmas Eve story especially for him.

A few days later, we decided to write it down. Much later I made a fabric illustration depicting life in the squirrel community we called Trembling Tree Tops.

This is our story:

Welcome to Trembling Tree Tops. This is home to a bustling community of little squirrels and our two, soon-to-be, heroes, Dilly and Dally.

Today, everyone is enjoying the last few warm days of the year. But, as autumn approaches, you will find all the squirrels scurrying about gathering nuts, stuffing acorns into their cheeks and preparing their stores for the coming winter.

All the squirrels that is, except Dilly and Dally. These two young pals are idly basking on warm rocks soaking up rays and playing hide 'n seek in the fallen leaves. They watch all the activity of the other squirrels around them, but have not a care in the world.

Before too long, winter's first snowflakes begin to appear, dropping like gentle feathers from the sky ... the story continues when you click here

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