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Be Inspired - be ever so inspired by those who've gone before ...

Check out Fran Harkes blog describing her first full year as a scrap-manipulating MoMer:

Read her January 1st, 2017 post, 'Scrappy New Year'.

Looking forward to Mondays!

Before I posted this on my Facebook page, I was looking for a "daily color" quote to go with it, something about Mondays. Turns out just about every quote I could find talked about how awful Mondays are, how much everybody hates them. I admit I'm not always very happy to see Monday roll around, either, but I realized that thanks to Made on Monday I'm actually looking forward to Monday each week! India Tresselt


Life happens! 

Like any new undertaking, be it an exercise regime or even a new friendship, the beginning is always the most exciting part. Inevitably over the course of these 52 weeks your creative juices will wax and wane or life will intervene, temporarily derailing your routine. So, while you're eager and at your creative peak, stockpile a few 5" x 5" pieces so that if you're forced to miss a week or two, you won't feel left behind. KB



Like the proverbial kid set free in the candy shop, I'm all over the place, starting some new project every day, and dreaming constantly of others. The MoM challenge appealed to me because it has forced me to focus narrowly, work in series, and generally go deeper into one form. At the same time, the small scale means that I am able to complete a piece weekly and have something to show. Developing this discipline seems important to me and I have made it my main 'real' project for now. Sue Kelly


Work with what you love ...

Today, perhaps I'll stitch a pair of shoes! KB


Let loose!

When in doubt, throw down some paint or fabric or whatever your medium is ... and go for abstract. KB



Find inspiration in places you have been or, better still, places you've dreamt of seeing. KB


Get back on the horse (or into the studio)

So, you missed a week or two ... the in-laws showed up, you caught a cold, you just didn't feel like it. Don't worry and don't punish yourself ... just get right back at it! KB


Reward yourself along the way

While the ultimate goal is to create 52 new pieces, sometimes you need to set a few interim goals along the way. After you've completed 15 or 20 pieces, perhaps you could put on a show or invite a few people over to see your new work. Pour yourself a glass of wine and let the enthusiasm and support from friends and patrons rejuvenate your passion. KB


Say it out loud!

Tell your friends and fellow artists what you're up to ... much like a diet, once you state it publicly, you are far more likely to hold yourself accountable. Sometimes we all need a little nudge from our friends to keep us on track. KB


Put a team together

If committing to 52 pieces of new work seems far too daunting, put a team together ... give yourselves a catchy name and submit as a group. If you find three other willing participants, you'd only have to create one piece each per month. KB



I decided that Made on Monday was a way to explore many techniques for surface manipulation and embellishment, without committing to just one big project. Sue Kelly




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