Members' Salon

The Members' Salon is a place where Club 52 members can post work they have completed after and beyond the original Made On Monday challenge. It allows contributors to break free of the MoM constraints and showcase their talents without having to comply with the MoM 5" x 5" format. 

Emma Siedle-Collins
Kate Bridger
Fran Harkes
Kate Bridger
Fran Harkes
Kate Bridger
The Bridge Inn, Peebles, Scotland
Lyn Pecchiar
A custom-made home for Lyn's Made On Monday work
Cora Petralito
Bespoke storage boxes for her Made On Monday work
Kate Bridger
Demo piece for a workshop
Kate Bridger
While my sewing machine was out of action for a few months, I took up knitting!! Here is Matilda I and II.
Sue Kelly
Sue Kelly
Summer's End
Sue Kelly
Swamp Thing
Sue Kelly
India Tresselt
All 52 Made On Monday pieces now on display at the Vermont Technical College ... click the link to read all about it!
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I asked some of the Club 52 members if the Made On Monday experience has influenced their work and work habits since: 

McAnaraks:(a.k.a. Fran Harkes) Absolutely! Taking part in Made on Monday made me treasure every scrap of fabric , which is a good thing creatively , but a bad thing for someone with poor organisational skills. 
It allowed me to produce textile art for arts sake, and not neccesarily for a particular project. 
It also gave me the encouragement to start my own collaborative textile project along with some other members of a Facebook textile art group which I am enjoying very much.

Sue Kelly: Yes indeed! I shared them in my art quilt group, and they were very popular there. Then, I mounted my "best of MoM" 25 pieces on little 5x5 stretched canvas frames and hung them grid style in our show last fall, in a local gallery. They looked terrific, and I sold quite a few of them(!) though that was not my primary motive for showing them. This year the gallery people have asked us to consider more "small art quilts" for our annual display, so several of us are thinking about that. Working on a small scale makes it possible to experiment and try new ideas out without a major time and materials commitment. Also, it meant a lot to me to become part of the MoM community, though online only, and gave me a push to seek out some real live people in my area who share my interest.

Yarndance:(a.k.a. India Tresselt) Absolutely, massively. First, it gave me permission to explore and experiment, to make something that had no other purpose (i.e., not a product I would be necessarily trying to sell). Some of the things I tried worked better than others! but each was alearning experience. All of this helped me to develop confidence in myself as an artist, and everything I'm doing now goes back to the year I spent doing Made on Monday. I enjoyed working small--trying something out in a 5" square meant that I could start and finish it in a day (or thereabouts). Each of these pieces has given me ideas that I may at some point explore further in a larger piece, though actually I still often find myself working a project in small segments or components, which will then be combined to make something larger. The weekly format helped me to develop my practice, to make work on a regular basis, and to understand that discipline like this works for me, actually frees me to be able to create.

Sue Justjems: (a.k.a. Sue Appleton) Absolutely. It was the first time I challenged myself to just play, experiment and above all go public with my work. I loved trying different ideas on a small scale and my confidence grew in leaps with the supportive, encouragement of the group. Because of MoM i found the courage to host my first exhibition which show cased many of the samples as mounted “art quilts” or part of a showcase handbag. Many of these were sold, and all enjoyed. Due to moving back finally to Uk I am determined to do more but also have begun to take seriously the need to improve my photography and photoshop skills.

Shane Dallman: My eyes are still being opened and my mind is like a sponge learning all the different ways I can express myself through my art. I'm still developing my own style but one thing I know for certain will never change is my love of color and texture. I like that there are no rules to follow in art and I am still learning to interpret what I feel and see from within.

Emma Siedle-Collins: I loved Made on Monday. It gave me a focus to make a piece that was attainable, in a busy life, weekly. I've always collected every spare scrap, leftovers from the work I've made. These small creations gave me the opportunity to use some of these little fragments & to record things I'd seen from week to week, almost a visual diary. I took 26 of the 52 to a local exhibition last year, some sold. I also took about 16 of them to a demonstrating exhibition last year & the rest that hadn't been seen to the same show this year. They have featured 3 or 6 at a time in another couple of local exhibitions but now I've run out of 'new work' & will make some more larger pieces, based on clearing my parents house when they both went into a care home, m version of 'memory cloths' Many more fragments to record their lives. I will accept your challenge, too!

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